World record redfish

Redfish are popular sport fish throughout in the United States along the southeast Atlantic and entire Gulf of Mexico.  The fact that they are spirited fighters that can attain sizes of over 50 pounds makes them highly sought after by anglers.  On November 4, 1984, David Deuel was fishing from the beach in Avon, North Carolina.  The outer banks of North Carolina are known for their Fall run of big red drum, but little did David know what would happen next when he set the hook on a redfish that inhaled the mullet he was using for bait.  Forty five minutes later he used a two foot gaff to slide the big red drum out of the surf and onto the sand.  With a length of 57 inches and a girth of 38, he knew it was big but he was astonished when a certified scale registered 94 lb 2 oz.  This one fish had broken both the men’s 80 lb line class and the All-Tackle record.  If you think this is great catch, you should also check out all the IGFA line class and fly rod records for red drum.  Click here to become a member and have access to IGFA’s entire set of world records and scores of catches such as this one.

94 pound world record redfish

World record all tackle redfish

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