Redfish Pictures


Here’s a nice mixture of submitted redfish photographs from our viewers. Some were caught while fly fishing while many others were caught bait fishing.

Drake with a nice redfish caught with Capt. Mike Gulik.

Tony of Orlando, FL with an over-slot redfish caught in the Banana River with Capt. Mike Gulick of Reel Job Sportfishing.


Alden Redwine with his first redfish in the Banana River, Florida.

Captain Alex Gorichky with a Berkley Gulp caught redfish.


large indian river lagoon redfish

large indian river lagoon redfish

Scott Goodwin witha nice redfishCaptain Scott Goodwin with a nice redfish.


Alden with Alex Gorichky

Alden was successful throwing topwater plugs for redfish with Capt. Alex Gorichky

Wading for RedfishGary wading a local flat using DOA shrimp for bait.



Antanas with a jig caught red drum

Antanas with a jig caught red drum

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