Why are redfish popular?

Captain Mike Gulick talks about why redfish are so popular. Nothing gets the heart pumping like poling your skiff up to a school of 20 or more redfish with tails protruding above the water’s surface this indicates that they are in feeding mode and more than likely willing to accept an accurate cast presented to them. If you have made a perfect cast without spooking any fish, then the water erupts as one of the fish takes your bait, suddenly he feels the pressure of your line and begins a drag testing run in an attempt to avoid being landed. This is just one scenario why I find redfish so addicting. Their shear power when trying to horse them out from under a dock or mangrove is also another aspect which makes them the perfect inshore challenger.

Capt. Mike Gulick, Reel Job Sportfishing website


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Inshore Power Boat perfect for redfishing.

The IPB (Inshore Power Boat) is the perfect Redfish skiff in its price range.

For a long time flats anglers looking for a new boat were stuck with two basic price ranges.  For less than $10,000 you could outfit an aluminum johnboat or similar flat bottomed fiberglass skiff.

inshore power boat skiff

While, on the other hand, you could spend well over $20,000 for “high end” fiberglass skiffs incorporating the latest and greatest in materials and hull design.  The truth was and is, you can catch fish on either ends of the extreme.  It was just a matter of what you could put up with and how much you could afford.

inshore power boat

IPB now gives anglers the alternative of customizing a true fiberglass flats skiff hull somewhere between $9 and $20K.  The IPB 16 that we tested rode well in a moderate chop with its shallow draft, had plenty of speed with a 50 hp Honda and allows anglers to completely customize the deck layout.  Is it a Caimen, Maverick or Hell’s Bay?  Honestly, it’s not, but it’s no johnboat or Carolina Skiff either.  The best thing about this new offering is that it provides a completely new entry level for anglers.


Tired of your flat bottomed aluminum or fiberglass skiff, but can’t afford to pay over $20,000 for a skiff?

Check out IPB and request

Inshore Power Boats
a demo.

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Jose Wejebe shows how to choose a rod and reel combo

Here’s a cool video on Jose Wejebe’s website for selecting the right flats fishing outfit. I found it very helpful and wanted to share.

Choosing the right flats fishing combo

Choosing the right flats fishing combo

Shimano Rod and Reel Combo

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Jose Wejebe Louisiana Redfish

 Jose Wejebe Louisiana Redfishing

In the past we did a cool shoot out of Slidell, Louisiana. There we fished with a guide named Gary Taylor. Gary has a pretty cool gig where he has a 32’ ft Louisiana Skiff, which is a true Louisiana Bayou boat. On the back of the boat is a ramp-like trailer built into the back of it where he winches up his smaller Hell’s Bay skiff. 

Jose Wejebe Redfish

He runs across some really rough open waters of the Gulf with his big boat and he launches his little skiff when he gets to the remote sheltered waters of the fishing areas.

Arriving at a series of shorelines and ponds, we targeted large redfish that live in these places at this time of year. On the first day out, it was freezing cold and we struggled to catch anything. The second day we persisted and the fishing just opened up. Sight fishing only, we caught a bunch of fish including redfish on fly up to 20lbs and up to 35lb on spinning tackle.


For me, the lesson in all of this was that “if you don’t go then you don’t know”. Most fishermen would tend to stay home when the fishing is slow and the weather isn’t cooperating. But I found if you keep fishing and fish around the bad weather, a lot can happen in an afternoon.

Jose Wejebe Spanish Fly Website


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Redfishing Addiction

Red Drum or Redfish Description: Redfish have become one of the most sought after inshore game fish in most coastal areas. Redfish are prolific from North Carolina around Florida and out to Texas. Since their protection in the mid 1980 s red drum numbers have steadily grown and are especially large and abundant around east central Florida. Redfish have an impressive coppery bronze color with a tinge of dark orange, redfish colors will vary depending on water clarity. Commonly redfish have one spot close to their tail but many times they have multiple spots on their bodies.

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Fishing for Redfish

A website dedicated to fishing for red drum or common name redfish, Sciaenops ocellatus.

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