Capt. Travis Holeman Potential 4 lb. Tippet Red Fish Record

A Testimonial by Capt. Travis Holeman on his Potential 4 lb. Tippet Redfish IGFA Record Caught with Fly Water Expeditions!

Today started like any other day for Capt. Greg and I. Question? Which way do you want to go? Breakfast is always surrounded by conversations of wind direction and tide. We always throw ideas back and forth but the wind tells the truth. Today it told us to sneak to a secret spot. Nunya flat!

As always I venture to the bow acting like a ballast and trying to sneak my way to fishing! Whatever works. Greg grabbed the push pole and joy washed over me like a wave. Bow time! Sweet. Earlier at the boat ramp Greg was showing off his knot skills while stalling for the sun to begin to warm the flats. I tied the 4 lb. class to my 6wt fly rod and after careful fly selection Greg’s Hudini Crab in purple found it’s way to my rod. Great fly.

We made it about 30 yards and a fish floating high was glowing like a stop sign. Big and red. One false cast and shoot. Worried about a shock break I stripped slow as the big fish followed the fly into the depths. Just as she vanished I felt the tug. Eased the rod to about 45% and smoothly let her clear the line. Finally putting a little pressure on the big red. With a little slip the fly was loose. Bummer. Oh well. I was still wondering if that was the one…. looking out in a daze. Greg whispers “yo I got another one…. floater.”

Seeing the floating red instantly. I still had not stripped out the line from the previous fish. Quickly judging the distance I stripped what I thought would be 50 or so feet off the reel. Greg shifted the boat to give me a clean cast. What followed was awesome. After watching the fly cast land perfectly and the big red pounce all I could think about was we aren’t videoing! The cast landed perfect, I stripped and she followed. Swing and a miss… strip, strip. Again I was a little worried about setting the hook and did so very softly as she ate the fly. 15-20 min. later the huge red came to the boat. I really enjoyed fishing a trout rod for our huge reds. The 6 wt allowed for a much better shock absorber than say an 8 or 9 wt rod.

Greg jumped into place after expertly maneuvering the boat to keep me in prime fighting position. Greg gave the boat one last push on the pole, I swung the big red back to Greg as the boat passed putting him and her in position for a gorilla grip landing. As Greg had informed me earlier we had no net,… the plan had to work to land the fish. Thankfully we land most fish by tailing, so it was no big deal.

Greg’s face lit up like a kid on Easter. Fish landed and all gear still kicking. Great fish. Great day. Great friends. Thanks Greg. Capt. Greg landed a huge black drum on 8 lb. after we ate and had a very long time to enjoy what had just happened. I just landed the best fish I have ever caught. Gotta love it when it all comes together.

– If you want to chase giant redfish in skinny water or try your luck hunting IGFA world records then give Greg Dini a call!

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World record redfish

Redfish are popular sport fish throughout in the United States along the southeast Atlantic and entire Gulf of Mexico.  The fact that they are spirited fighters that can attain sizes of over 50 pounds makes them highly sought after by anglers.  On November 4, 1984, David Deuel was fishing from the beach in Avon, North Carolina.  The outer banks of North Carolina are known for their Fall run of big red drum, but little did David know what would happen next when he set the hook on a redfish that inhaled the mullet he was using for bait.  Forty five minutes later he used a two foot gaff to slide the big red drum out of the surf and onto the sand.  With a length of 57 inches and a girth of 38, he knew it was big but he was astonished when a certified scale registered 94 lb 2 oz.  This one fish had broken both the men’s 80 lb line class and the All-Tackle record.  If you think this is great catch, you should also check out all the IGFA line class and fly rod records for red drum.  Click here to become a member and have access to IGFA’s entire set of world records and scores of catches such as this one.

94 pound world record redfish

World record all tackle redfish

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