Padddlefish SUP paddle board fishing accesories

The PaddleFish ™ Patent Pending is the newest trend for fishermen who enjoy paddle board fishing.

The ease of adding this SUP seat to your board is one reason for its popularity. Anglers using the Paddlefish™ say it lets them get a higher vantage point when hunting redfish and a place to keep their tackle or live bait. ” 2 easy straps to attach it to your SUP and you are in business.” says Alex Gorichky, local SUP fishing guide.

SUP boards, especially BOTE are stealthy and perfect for chasing shallow water redfish. Add a paddle fish and you have all your fishing necessities on your board.

SUP paddle fishing has been storming the water way from coast to coast in the last few years. The Paddlefish ™ just seems to be a natural progression to turn your SUP into more.

paddle fish

The Paddlefish™ weighs only 18 pounds and is durable, easy to clean and to store. With the base models coming in under $289.00 dollars the Patent Pending PaddleFish ™ is sure to be a hit!

sup paddlefish

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