World record redfish

Redfish are popular sport fish throughout in the United States along the southeast Atlantic and entire Gulf of Mexico.  The fact that they are spirited fighters that can attain sizes of over 50 pounds makes them highly sought after by anglers.  On November 4, 1984, David Deuel was fishing from the beach in Avon, North Carolina.  The outer banks of North Carolina are known for their Fall run of big red drum, but little did David know what would happen next when he set the hook on a redfish that inhaled the mullet he was using for bait.  Forty five minutes later he used a two foot gaff to slide the big red drum out of the surf and onto the sand.  With a length of 57 inches and a girth of 38, he knew it was big but he was astonished when a certified scale registered 94 lb 2 oz.  This one fish had broken both the men’s 80 lb line class and the All-Tackle record.  If you think this is great catch, you should also check out all the IGFA line class and fly rod records for red drum.  Click here to become a member and have access to IGFA’s entire set of world records and scores of catches such as this one.

94 pound world record redfish

World record all tackle redfish

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Why are redfish popular?

Captain Mike Gulick talks about why redfish are so popular. Nothing gets the heart pumping like poling your skiff up to a school of 20 or more redfish with tails protruding above the water’s surface this indicates that they are in feeding mode and more than likely willing to accept an accurate cast presented to them. If you have made a perfect cast without spooking any fish, then the water erupts as one of the fish takes your bait, suddenly he feels the pressure of your line and begins a drag testing run in an attempt to avoid being landed. This is just one scenario why I find redfish so addicting. Their shear power when trying to horse them out from under a dock or mangrove is also another aspect which makes them the perfect inshore challenger.

Capt. Mike Gulick, Reel Job Sportfishing website


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Redfish fishing in Louisiana

Redfishing in Louisiana is on fire reports Captain Greg Dini form Fly Water Expeditions. The last 2 trips his charters caught 55 redfish ON FLY! If that is not enough greg tell us this is just the beginning of what is to come, as waters cool larger redfish and black drum will make there way into the Louisiana Marshes to stay warm and feed. If you want to get in on some of this incredible fishing give him a call I’m sure he would love to have you!

Nice redfish on Fly!

Nice redfish on Fly!


Fly Water Expeditions Website

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