Inshore Power Boat perfect for redfishing.

The IPB (Inshore Power Boat) is the perfect Redfish skiff in its price range.

For a long time flats anglers looking for a new boat were stuck with two basic price ranges.  For less than $10,000 you could outfit an aluminum johnboat or similar flat bottomed fiberglass skiff.

inshore power boat skiff

While, on the other hand, you could spend well over $20,000 for “high end” fiberglass skiffs incorporating the latest and greatest in materials and hull design.  The truth was and is, you can catch fish on either ends of the extreme.  It was just a matter of what you could put up with and how much you could afford.

inshore power boat

IPB now gives anglers the alternative of customizing a true fiberglass flats skiff hull somewhere between $9 and $20K.  The IPB 16 that we tested rode well in a moderate chop with its shallow draft, had plenty of speed with a 50 hp Honda and allows anglers to completely customize the deck layout.  Is it a Caimen, Maverick or Hell’s Bay?  Honestly, it’s not, but it’s no johnboat or Carolina Skiff either.  The best thing about this new offering is that it provides a completely new entry level for anglers.


Tired of your flat bottomed aluminum or fiberglass skiff, but can’t afford to pay over $20,000 for a skiff?

Check out IPB and request

Inshore Power Boats
a demo.

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Fly Water Expeditions, Greg Dini

Enjoy the BEST redfish fishery anywhere with Fly Water Expeditions.

Biloxi Marsh, all the way to Venice, Louisiana, Fly Water Expeditions will take you on a red fishing trip of a lifetime. Redfish and black drum are the most sought after species Greg likes to fish for. Some fish exceed 50 pounds, it truly is “The Land of Giants”.

FIsh for redfish

Fish for Redfish

Big fish in 1-3 feet of water is where you will find yourself when taking a trip with Fly Water Expeditions. Captain Dini poles around in technical skiffs looking for  fish to present a fly or lure to. On an Average day you can expect to catch 4-10 fish when conditions cooperate, and 10-25 fish days are not uncommon including exceptional days over 50 fish. The areas Greg Dini fishes are truly in God’s country and you will rarely see other anglers.

During the fall and winter months, Fly Water Expeditions concentrates on the Biloxi Marsh, where the big redfish and black drum come in to feed . The spring and late summer they dedicate their time further south where the breeder redfish get in huge schools preparing for their annual spawn.

Another nice one.

Another nice one.

Greg’s saying is “If the conditions are good and the fish are eating, we aint leaving”. We always strive to put our anglers on as many fish as we can and we will work hard all day long to put you on the redfish or black drum of a life time. Weather you set out to catch a fish on a fly rod and the conditions may not be conducive to fly fishing; we have no problem keeping a spinning rod ready so you have a better opportunity to catch a monster fish. We want our anglers to have a trip to remember when fishing with Fly Water Expeditions, and when you leave you will always want to come back for more!

Greg of Fly Water Expeditions looks forward to having you in the boat and putting you on the monster fish of the Louisiana Marsh all day long!

Fly Water Expeditions Website