huge redfish

Capt. Nathaniel Lemmon

Capt. Nathaniel Lemmon

Many captains lay claim to the fact they can put you on big redfish, after looking thru Capt. Nathaniel Lemmon’s photo gallery on his website you can see he is not blowing smoke. Capt. Nate specializes in redfishing in the Mosquito lagoon, Florida.

Capt. Nathaniel Lemmon is a professional, full-time, angler who spends nearly 250 days a year fishing and guiding clients from around the world. He guides clients on all inshore waters from Ponce Inlet and New Smyrna Beach south to Cocoa Beach, covering nearly all Volusia and Brevard Counties in Central Florida. To learn more about these local water’s that Capt. Nate fishes, please click: Mosquito LagoonNew Smyrna BeachIndian River Lagoon. You can also click to view an aerial map

If you are looking for a guide in the Mosquito Lagoon area I would give Capt. Nathaniel a call.


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Fishworks shorts and pants

Check out the new fishing gear from Fishworks Proven Products. These are some of the best fishing clothes I have seen in the marine industry. The whole Fishworks product line is based on quality down to every last detail. The new fish works camo shorts are some of the coolest we have seen here at Fishing for redfish. Fishworks has long been known as the innovators of strong, well researched and tested fishing gear. Do yourself a favor don’t buy fishing cloths just because they have a cool name on it, buy them based on quality and function!

Below are some Fishworks new 2009 products.


Camo Fishproduct shorts

Camo Fishproduct shorts


Fishworks Vallerta New Shorts

Fishworks Vallerta New Shorts

Banana River on Spanish Fly TV with Jose Wejebe

Speaking of Derek and Alden Redwine they will be on an upcoming episode of Spanish Fly with Captain Jose Wejebe. I’m told the show revolves around raising their child on the water and teaching him all about the local marine life, they even catch a few nice fish.

I’m looking forward to the new Spanish Fly season. 

Spanish Fly 2009 show schedule

Spanish Fly 2009 show schedule



2009 Spanish Fly Show Schedule

Episodes available on ESPN2 and in HD on ESPN HD
All times Eastern Standard Time

Jose Wejebe and Alden with Manatee

Jose Wejebe and Alden with Manatee

Got Em!

Got Em!


12/28/08 Sun. 9:30AM – Cape Canaveral Florida 

In the shadow of NASA Space center, a family raises their child in an area known as “Old Florida”.

Join the Redwines as they teach their son Alden all about “ urban nature” and fishing in the backyards canals and shorelines of the Indian and Banana Rivers. It is here where young Alden and his teenage mentor Antanas learn that Snook, Redfish and yes, even Catfish are the means to the end of learning all about the home waters of their neighborhood.

Show Re-airs 1/03/09 Sat. 6:00AM

1/04/09 Sun 9:30AM – Boca Piala, Mexico

In the state of Quitana Roo on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula is a small fishing lodge built in 1959. Located in the heart of the Sian Kaan Ecological Reserve, Boca Paila Fishing Lodge sounds like a sun drenched tropical paradise …..right?

Not so much when a series of tropical weather systems bring torrential rain , wind and squalls though the area, the fishing gets… well…soggy! Not the kind of weather for sight fishing on the flats, however, if you don’t mind getting wet and changing your tactics, there is almost always something to do to catch Bonefish, Snook and even Permit in this unusual ocean meets lagoons transitional area.

Show Re-airs 1/10/09 Sat. 6:00AM

1/11/09 Sun 9:30AM – Christian Goodpaster

Make A Wish, Key West, Florida

The shallow water flats of the “backcountry“ is the stage set for a young man with a double lung transplant to catch some fish and tell of his struggle with Cystic Fibrosis. Christian Goodpaster and Jose Wejebe met some 10 years ago when the Make a Wish foundation put them together in Islamorada.

Join our friends as they hunt the big three of the Grand Slam, a Bonefish, Permit and Tarpon, as well as a few surprise fish on the flats behind Key West and Sugarloaf Key.

click here for the rest of the SpanishFly show scedule

Winter redfish in Brevard County

Redfishing on the Space Coast.

When the East Coast waters cool many redfish school up in local canal systems of the Indian and the Banana River. A little patience and exploration you should be able to find plenty of redfish action. Most of these redfish will be smaller then the slot limit but will keep many a young one occupied. Here is a recent trip Brandon McGraw took Alden and Derek Redwine on to fish for some schooled up  redfish. Live shrimp and Berkley Gulps fished on jigs accounted for the most bites.


Derek Redwine and his son Alden with a winter canal redfish caught on a Gulp and jig.
Brandon McGraw unkoooking one of many redfish Alden caught during their fishing trip.
Please check out more of their winter redfishing pictures below
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Vader Gulp

One bait that has been working consistently for redfish is the “Vader” or vader gulp. Its a very basic bait using a black 1/8 ounce DOA c.a.l. jighead and a black gulp! alive body. There are many theories why the all black works so well. My opinion is not only does the gulp have a lot of smell and the contrast maybe easy for the redfish to zero in on but I think the vader looks like their common prey. Redfish eat plenty of small oysterfish, gobies, bleenies and small oyster crabs which are all very dark in coloration.



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Jose Wejebe Louisiana Redfish

 Jose Wejebe Louisiana Redfishing

In the past we did a cool shoot out of Slidell, Louisiana. There we fished with a guide named Gary Taylor. Gary has a pretty cool gig where he has a 32’ ft Louisiana Skiff, which is a true Louisiana Bayou boat. On the back of the boat is a ramp-like trailer built into the back of it where he winches up his smaller Hell’s Bay skiff. 

Jose Wejebe Redfish

He runs across some really rough open waters of the Gulf with his big boat and he launches his little skiff when he gets to the remote sheltered waters of the fishing areas.

Arriving at a series of shorelines and ponds, we targeted large redfish that live in these places at this time of year. On the first day out, it was freezing cold and we struggled to catch anything. The second day we persisted and the fishing just opened up. Sight fishing only, we caught a bunch of fish including redfish on fly up to 20lbs and up to 35lb on spinning tackle.


For me, the lesson in all of this was that “if you don’t go then you don’t know”. Most fishermen would tend to stay home when the fishing is slow and the weather isn’t cooperating. But I found if you keep fishing and fish around the bad weather, a lot can happen in an afternoon.

Jose Wejebe Spanish Fly Website


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Redfishing Addiction

Red Drum or Redfish Description: Redfish have become one of the most sought after inshore game fish in most coastal areas. Redfish are prolific from North Carolina around Florida and out to Texas. Since their protection in the mid 1980 s red drum numbers have steadily grown and are especially large and abundant around east central Florida. Redfish have an impressive coppery bronze color with a tinge of dark orange, redfish colors will vary depending on water clarity. Commonly redfish have one spot close to their tail but many times they have multiple spots on their bodies.

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Fishing for Redfish

A website dedicated to fishing for red drum or common name redfish, Sciaenops ocellatus.

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